Anthony Bourdain Set To Open Epic Global Food Market In NYC

It’s the age-old dilemma of the modern traveller: Where should we eat?

Wonder no longer.

Anthony Bourdain, the king of the no-bullshit approach to food is answering our prayers and helping us to eat what/how locals eat. It’s not a new season of No Reservations. He’s taking his favourite food from around the world and making it local in the culinary capital of New York City.

When we say that AB is ‘taking’ his favourite food, we don’t mean he’s simply paying homage in a new restaurant. Your boy Tony is literally taking the chefs, operators, street food vendors and hawker heroes from some of his most treasured food shops across the globe, and he’s bringing them to cook in one beautiful, big place – Bourdain Market.

From the man that would like to see the pumpkin spice craze “drowned in its own blood. Quickly”, you can be guaranteed that this kind of food market will be free from any gimmicky/hybrid dishes. Culinary Gringos, please make a U-turn and return to your rainbow bagels. This is not your place.

The proposed site for Bourdain Market at Pier 57 is planned to be 150,000 square feet in size – roughly the same size of 12 Olympic swimming pools – and is estimated to be costing around US$15 million to construct. It’s a decent amount of space and splash to hold more than just a couple of different stalls, so you can imagine the fun that Bourdain and his team are having right now scouting for vendors.

The Market’s Instagram @bourdainmarket will give you a hint of what’s cooking around the globe and a little insight into what you can expect (spoiler alert: expect the party of the century in your mouth), but it’ll also open your eyes to what you’re missing out on when you choose to eat at another McDonald’s or get a coffee at another Starbucks.

Bourdain claims he is intent on expanding the ideas of what is ‘normal’ to eat, because let’s be honest – somewhere, someone is snacking on pan fried donkey balls and to them, it’s as normal as your mum’s lasagne. By wanting us to open our mouths and our minds, Bourdain is giving us the chance to try a new kind of normal and the encouragement to try what is ‘normal; wherever your next trip takes you.

Imagine walking into a single NYC warehouse and you’ve got the option of eating yakitori chicken hearts from the Japanese coast, Mexican Octopus Tostadas with fresh Oaxaca mole, and some of the best brisket noodles you will have in your life from Hong Kong – these are dishes that are bound to affect the way you approach your next adventure.

With the market set to open in 2019, you’ve got ample time to prepare your budget and your palate.