Deliveroo Editions Launches In Melbourne With ‘Delivery Only’ Dining

As the list of valid reasons to leave the comfort of your home continues to dwindle, convenience apps and services continue to surge, particularly when it comes to mealtime.

The customer benefits grow and grow, but how do restaurants keep up with our insatiable appetite for home delivery? Enter: Deliveroo Editions; the latest addition to the global culinary powerhouse that looks set to redefine the foodscape in Australia.

With Melbourne’s Chapel St being the maiden voyage on a journey towards dining domination, Deliveroo Editions is the beginning of purpose-built, delivery-only kitchens that, according to Founder Will Shu, are “the result of Deliveroo’s own market analysis data.” Think two kitchens under one roof that house seven brands. It’s a tried and tested formula that has seen phenomenal results across the UK, Europe and Asia.

Not only do the Edition kitchens make favourite dishes more accessible to the customers, but they also allow restaurants to focus on expansion, innovation and distribution, with lower risks and minimal exposure to rising rents and high up-front costs. In cities like London and Hong Kong where greedy landlords can make or break a restaurant, this can be a second lease (pun intended) on life that has resulted in some restaurants reporting more than a 550% increase in revenue. These kitchens are no joke.

The first Deliveroo Edition is housing three of Melbourne’s most reputable culinary brands (The Lucas Group, 8Bit and Gelato Messina), but it’s not just the big names who are being catered to. For bright entrepreneurs looking to get a foot in the door, an incubator space will soon be created for ambitious up-and-comers looking to launch their presence in the Australian food scene. For those established brands that us city dwellers know and love, the idea is to branch out into suburbs, towns, cities and countries that were (until now) unfeasible and unattainable – Shu stresses that the priority has been and will continue to be for Deliveroo to “bring supply that is specifically tailored to the demand of the customer”.

And for us? The self-proclaimed food critics who are impatient, hangry and sometimes (most times) hungover? Delivery times will be cut, efficiency increased, the packaging is hand-selected by Deliveroo (no more leaky pho), and we’ll soon have the ability to have different brands within the Edition Kitchens delivered to you in your one order.

Deliveroo Editions’ first foray into Australia will bring Baby, Kong, DiDi Dumpling, Yubi, 8Bit, Up in Smoke and Gelato Messina to customers living and working across Windsor, South Yarra, St Kilda, Richmond, Toorak and Prahran. Multiple Deliveroo Editions sites are planned for launch across Australia throughout 2018 and beyond.

For the next couple of weeks Deliveroo is also offering free delivery on orders placed from the Editions site.

What a time to be alive.