Move Over Mr.Whippy – Introducing the ‘Puffle Cone’
— Updated on 15 June 2021

Move Over Mr.Whippy – Introducing the ‘Puffle Cone’

— Updated on 15 June 2021

Foodies worldwide, prepare yourselves.

Whether you are lapping up the final weeks of summer, or welcoming the prospects of it with open arms depending on your current location, you’ll want to hear this. Summer is synonymous with the one delectable treat that has everyone on board…ice-cream. Whether it’s soft Italian gelato, a creamy magnum or served soft in a cone, there is never a shortage of options when it comes to the milky treat.

Variety of flavours have long been the differentiator between ice-creameries around the world, along with of course, the quality of the actual product. In Australia, this has led to the rise and rise of Gelateria’s like Messina and Pidapipo, among others.

But one nifty little ice-cream parlour in California, might be about to shift the status quo, and not just in their delectable flavours.

I give you the Cauldron Ice Cream Parlor. Located in Santa Ana in California, about 45 minutes from LA, this unassuming ice creamery has catapulted to international fame. Why you ask? They have brought to life the ‘Puffle Cone’. Best way to describe it? Perhaps, edible bubble wrap. The Puffle Cone consists of a scoop of their ever-changing, outside-the-box home-made ice cream stuffed inside a warm egg waffle cone. Egg waffles are originally out of Hong Kong, but it is the genius behind Cauldron that developed the idea of stuffing ice-cream inside.

Cauldron Ice Cream Parlour has only been open for a few months, but has taken social media by storm with their mouth-watering invention. They have already accumulated over 22,000 followers on Instagram. Aside from the fancy cone, the ice-creamery features different exotic flavours monthly, to keep visitors on their toes. August is featuring flavours from ‘S’mores’, to fan favourites ‘Earl Grey Lavender’ and ‘Cirque De La Crème’.

At the moment, the concept only has the one store, but we can imagine it won’t take long before we see its expansion. Whatever the plans, I definitely hope to one day be part of the #PUFFLEGANG.

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