Bunnings Sausage Sizzles Are Making A Return In Victoria

After eight painful months without a core pillar of the local cuisine + culture, Victoria will once again be able to enjoy Bunnings sausage sizzles on the weekend. Returning to nourish the masses across regional locations from November 14th and Melbourne from early December, nature is well and truly healing.

“Victorians have done such an amazing job flattening the curve,” says Deb Poole, Bunnings Chief Operating Officer.

“And we hope bringing back sausage sizzles will be yet another sign we can reclaim a sense of normality while remaining COVID-safe.”

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Additional safety measures and hygiene processes will, of course, be introduced to ensure the curve remains flattened – increased cleaning of utensils, face masks, keeping a healthy distance, separate ordering, as well as pick-up points.

“The sausage sizzles play such an important fundraising role for hundreds of community groups across Victoria and we’re so pleased to be bringing them back.”

The beloved hardware chain will continue to consult with the government and community in this transition towards restoring the nation to full glory, as well as following the latest health advice approaching the return of Bunnings sausage sizzles in Victoria.