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Introducing the Niniette 66: Bugatti’s $2.9 Million Luxury Yacht

Bugatti have teamed up with super yacht powerhouse Palmer Johnson to deliver the first of a three part yacht series, the Niniette 66.

Introducing The Marauder: A 3,100HP Mercedes AMG Cig Boat

Mercedes-AMG have again teamed up with racing boat makers Cigarette and this time, they’ve left nothing on the table. Now…

James Bond’s Skyfall Yacht Is On The Market For $13m

The yacht from Skyfall measures 184 ft, has six cabins and has all the amenities you’d expect from something so expensive.

Check Out This Insane 108m Mega Yacht Concept

We’ve seen some pretty crazy concepts, but oh buoy this is sure to top them all. Presenting the 108m mega…

Boating In Capri: Among The Superyachts

Travelling to the Island of Capri in Italy without tens of thousands of dollars is very limiting. It is the…

Subwing: Flying Underwater Just Became A Thing

The Subwing attaches to a boat giving you the speed and thrill of an everlasting dive.

Inside The Yacht Jay-Z & Beyonce Charter Every Year

The yacht, which estimates suggest cost around A$105m has a top speed of 28 knots (51km/h), making her pretty spritely for a 213ft floating palace.

This $10 Million Dollar Yacht Just Sank Off Mykonos

Earlier this week, local newspaper Mykonos Daily reported that a large private yacht, M/Y Aloha, had sunk just off the stunning Greek Island of Mykonos.

3 Yachts Even Most Billionaires Would Have Trouble Affording

For many wanting to live a life of luxury, one of the first steps is purchasing a yacht. There are…