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Timothee Chalamet Heat 2

Al Pacino Wants Timothee Chalamet To Play His Character In ‘Heat 2’

As Heat 2 prepares to shelves – yes, you read that correctly – there’s been plenty of talk about a)…

Heat True Story

Wait A Minute… Did You Know ‘Heat’ Is Based On A True Story?

As one of the most masterfully crafted crime thrillers ever produced, Michael Mann’s Heat is a film any serious movie-watcher…

Heat 2 Novel Prequel Sequel Michael Mann August 9th 2022 Release Date

‘Heat 2’ Is Arriving This Year (Just Not How You Expected)

Within the pantheon of classic films that achieved perfection the first time around, you’ll find the likes of Antoine Fuqua’s…

House Of Gucci Trailer Ridley Scott Lady Gaga Adam Driver Al Pacino

WATCH: ‘House Of Gucci’ Drops A Stylish Official Trailer

If there was hype about Ridley Scott‘s star-studded murder drama House of Gucci before, the release of its first official…

al pacino american traitor trial of axis sally

WATCH: Al Pacino Takes On The Courtroom In ‘American Traitor’

Returning to the big screen for the first time since his Oscar-nominated performance as Jimmy Hoffa in Martin Scorsese’s The…

10 Best Al Pacino Movies Of All Time

Al Pacino has crafted quite the career across fifty-three years. A career that has provided the world with endless entertainment…

Godfather Part III

WATCH: Francis Ford Coppola Has Fixed ‘The Godfather Part III’

There are few film sagas that divide public opinion like The Godfather. While the first two instalments are widely acknowledged…

Michael Mann Talks Heat Prequel & Sequel

Since 2016, director Michael Mann has been teasing a Heat prequel novel. But in a recent project update, Mann revealed…

Scarface Reboot Currently In Development

Yes, we let out an audible groan as well. But we’re choosing to remain as optimistic as possible. Hoping the…

Why Godfather II Is The Perfect Sequel

The benchmark was set – and hasn’t been exceeded since.

WATCH: Amazon’s ‘Hunters’ Has Al Pacino Tracking Down Nazis

Because revenge is a dish best served Pacino.

‘The Irishman’ Final Trailer Has Just Been Released

“The movie event of the year.”