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WeWork’s US$60 Million Private Gulfstream Is Now For Sale

In today’s edition of LOL-worthy news…

Gulfstream Launch Their New Flagship Jet, The $110m G700

Gulfstream’s new G700 jet is the epitome of luxury, seating up to 19 passengers and sleeping 10.

Take A Tour Inside Billionaire VistaJet CEO’s Private Jet

Founder and CEO Thomas Flohr spends almost half a year flying on his Bombardier Global 6000.

There’s A Private Jet Shuttle Between Ibiza & Mykonos Launching Tomorrow

A true game changer.

Drake Shows Off His New ‘Air Drake’ Private Jet

The 6 God shows why he’s a true baller with his exclusive partnership with Canada’s Cargojet.

Tour The Four Seasons’ New Private A321 Luxury Jet

Experience a 5-star hotel 30,000 feet in the air, and then again on the ground.

The Private Jets Favoured By Aussie Billionaires

The easiest way to tell a millionaire from a billionaire.

Inside Lionel Messi’s Epic £12 Million Private Jet

By £12 million we mean nearly AU$19 million.

ATM Loophole Allowed Aussie To Spend $1.6 Million On Private Jets And Overseas Holidays

He spent over $20,000 in just a couple weeks on clothes and gifts for family and friends

Around The World Safari By Private Jet Takes Flight In 2020

All the world’s rarest animals in 25 days.

Mexico’s President Is Selling His $300 million 787 Dreamliner Because It’s “Too Lavish”

Back to commercial for Mexico’s top dog.

The Interiors Of Embraer’s New Private Jets Is Styled Off The Beaches Of Brazil

Feel like you’re relaxing by Brazil’s famous beaches 40,000 feet in the air.