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Watch The One-Millionth Porsche 911 Roll Off The Production line

The flagship of the Porsche fleet, the iconic 911 variant, saw its one-millionth production car roll off the line this week in Zuffenhausen.

A Day At The Track With Audi’s 2017 Sport Range

We put the RS6, RS Q3, RS7, and the infamous R8 V10 Plus through their paces around a Sydney racetrack last week with Audi Australia.

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Bentley 57.7 Gigapixel Ad Is World’s Highest Quality Image

Bentley has captured what they’re calling “the world’s most detailed landscape photo”: the Bentley 57.7 gigapixel ad is an interactive…

Norway To Build World’s First Ship Tunnel

The Stad Ship Tunnel project is a long awaited solution to an age old dilemma.

Here’s How Much You Should Spend On A Car

Presented in partnership with People’s Choice Credit Union. For the majority of Australians, owning a car is a necessity. Aside from…

Behold The Bugatti Bicycle: A Ridiculous $40k Fixie

No, it’s not a Bugatti Chiron, or a Veyron, or its latest super yacht. It doesn’t have an engine and…

Michael Jordan’s Private Jet Matches A Pair Of Jordan 3 Sneakers

Ever since retiring from the NBA, Michael Jordan has built an empire with his Jordan brand. So it seems only…

Introducing the Niniette 66: Bugatti’s $2.9 Million Luxury Yacht

Bugatti have teamed up with super yacht powerhouse Palmer Johnson to deliver the first of a three part yacht series, the Niniette 66.

A Weekend With The Aston Martin Rapide S

We took the Rapide S on a weekend tour of the English countryside, from London to Cornwall and back, covering some 900km in the process.

McLaren Reveal Their Latest Supercar: The 720S

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show McLaren has dropped their new contender into the ring with the McLaren 720S, unlike…

Aston Martin and Red Bull Collaborate for the Ground-Breaking ‘Valkyrie’

We present to you a collaboration from the gods, the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

Introducing The Marauder: A 3,100HP Mercedes AMG Cig Boat

Mercedes-AMG have again teamed up with racing boat makers Cigarette and this time, they’ve left nothing on the table. Now…